WorkPackages About Workpackages

About Workpackages

WP1 Management and coordination

This work package will ensure proper co-ordination across tasks and partners in order to achieve the overall project objectives within time, quality and budget constraints and EC’s requirements.

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WP2 Research and innovation projects

Research priorities for radiation protection research based on the specific objectives defined.

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WP3 Stakeholder engagement

Connecting the diverse set of relevant stakeholders within and outside the radiation protection community.

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WP4 Education and Training

Maintain existing and develop new competences in radiation protection.

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WP6 Knowledge management, communication, dissemination and impact creation

Assuring effective bidirectional communication between consortium partners, the broader research community, key stakeholders and the public.

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WP7 Organisation and management of PIANOFORTE R&I Open Calls

The aim is to organize and manage three international open research calls based on the priorities agreed by Executive Board in interaction with stakeholders and Advisory Board.

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WP8 Ethics requirements

Set out the 'ethics requirements' that the project must comply with.

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