Calls PIANOFORTE support for European early career researcher and professional networking activities

PIANOFORTE support for European early career researcher and professional networking activities

General description
The European Partnership PIANOFORTE, funded by HE EURATOM programme, offers € 5 000 per year for the organisation of networking activities for European early career researchers and professionals (ECRP) working in the field of radiation protection research. The goal of the support is the setup of a sustainable network for this target audience.
Who can apply?
Proposals can be made by any ERCP individual affiliated to a PIANOFORTE partner, but are preferably submitted by a group of individuals from at least 3 EU countries and combining different (research) disciplines in radiation protection. An early career researcher or professional is considered to have maximum 7 years of working experience after gaining a PhD or starting a career in radiation protection.
When should you apply?
The funding for networking activities is spread throughout the duration of the PIANOFORTE project, with a maximum of € 4000 per meeting and maximum € 5000 per year. Networking activities can be funded until May 2027 at the latest. Given the fact that this call is on a continuous basis, proposals for networking meetings should be sent at least 2 months prior to the event.
What is eligible?
The financial support from PIANOFORTE is intended to support networking activities in the form of physical meetings, with the aim to boost networking between ECRP and to establish a sustainable network. These physical meetings can take various formats, such as (non-exhaustive list):
  • meet-the-expert to discuss and exchange experiences on how to approach research projects
  • topical ‘knowledge’ meetings to address certain topics via discussion of latest publications, topical reviews or even introductory presentations for newcomers in the discipline
  • topical ‘skills’ meetings around knowledge management, data management, science communication, scientific writing, …
  • interdisciplinary ‘dating’ between researchers from various domains
  • technical group excursions to research installations which can be used for interdisciplinary research
  • career days inviting national and international players in radiation science and technology, including also options for postgraduate education and vocational training
Other formats of physical meetings can be taken into consideration when the network kicks-off.
The support is only granted to cover the meeting facilities (rooms), consumables  (e.g. catering) and technical support (to allow for hybrid/online participation).
Applicaton procedure
Proposals for networking meetings should be addressed to, at least 2 months before the actual event. The proposal template (annex I) lists the necessary information to be provided in the request for supporting an ECRP networking event.
Evaluation procedure
Proposals will be assessed by members of PIANOFORTE WP4 based on:
  • the networking potential (addressed target audience, communication efforts, preliminary programme)
  • the link with other networking initiatives, since the target is to establish only one network
  • the practicality of the event arrangements
  • the international character of the event (ECRP from at least 3 EU countries must be members of the organising committee)

After positive assessment of the proposal, the confirmation will be sent via email 1 month after the submission at the latest.
If different proposals are received to organise multiple networking activities within a short timeframe, PIANOFORTE WP4 will exchange contact details to facilitate a combined event whenever possible.
Obligation of reporting
It is expected that the organisers of the meeting send a debrief about the networking activity to with a description of the number of attendees, the final programme, and general findings of the meeting. This debrief is expected three weeks after the activity at the latest and will be used by PIANOFORTE for communication and dissemination purposes.
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