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The European Partnership for Radiation Protection Research will contribute to improving the protection of the public, workers, patients and the environment from environmental, occupational and medical exposure to ionizing radiation. It brings together 58 partners representing 22 European Union countries as well as the United Kingdom and Norway, and is coordinated by the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN). It is co-financed by the European Union's EURATOM program and the governments of the participating countries. Through the research activities that will be carried out within its framework, PIANOFORTE will contribute to the implementation of European policies such as the European plan to combat cancer, the green pact for growth, and the implementation of the roadmap for reducing industrial and natural risks.

 Paris, 16. june 2022


VII Conference on R&D in Radiation Protection in CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain
On December 19th 2023, the Spanish Society for Radiation Protection (SEPR) and the Spanish Platform for R&D in Radiation Protection (PEPRI) jointly organized the VII Conference on R&D in Radiation Protection, in CIEMAT (Madrid, Spain).
Training Course in Internal Monitoring and Emergency Response
BfS (Germany) will host a Training Course in Internal Monitoring and Emergency Response, funded by PIANOFORTE. The training course is aimed at young professionals in radiation protection with experience...
PIANOFORTE Infrastructures Workshop
PIANOFORTE Infrastructures WorkshopWe are delighted to invite you to register for the PIANOFORTE Infrastructures Workshop, which will take place on site only at INFN-LNS in Catania on Monday the 29th (full day) and Tuesday 30th (half day) January 2024.
Pianoforte Call 2023: Selected projects presentation
The 9 projects chosen for funding during Pianoforte's 1st open call were presented on December 6th, 2023, in Budapest (Hungary).
Deadline for travel grants and training courses
Dear colleagues, we invite all early carrier researchers and young professionals to apply for travel grants and training courses.
PIANOFORTE meeting 6th December 2023
Join us for the presentation of the 9 projects selected for funding during PIANOFORTE 1st Open Call on wednesday 6th December 2023 from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Aims and goals

Improving patient radiation protection in relation to the use of ionizing radiation in the medical field.

Better comprehension of variability of individual response to exposure to ionizing radiation.

The study of mechanisms involved in chronic exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation.

The improvement of anticipation capacities and resilience in nuclear or radiological crisis situations and post-accident management.
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