About Executive board

Executive board

Pianoforte Project Coordinator, WP 1 & WP6 Coordinator

Jean-Christophe Gariel

IRSN, France

Pianoforte Project Deputy Coordinator, WP 1 Coordinator

Radia Tamarat

IRSN, France

WP 2 Coordinator

Filip Vanhavere

SCK CEN, Belgium.
Head of Radiation Protection Dosimetry and Calibration Group at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. Chairperson of EURADOS. Professor at the Laboratory for Experimental Radiotherapy at Leuven University

WP 3 Coordinator

Florian Rauser

BfS, Germany.
Florian is Vice President of the German Federal Agency for Radiation Protection BFS. He is a trained physicist with a PhD in geosciences. As work package lead of the stakeholder involvement team he wants to ensure that radiation protection research helps the affected communities and that all relevant stakeholders are involved in PIANOFORTE.

WP 4 Coordinator

Andrzej Wojcik

SU, Sweden

WP 5 Coordinator

Liz Ainsbury, Simon Bouffler


WP 6 Coordinator

Marie Davídková

Státní ústav radiační ochrany Prahy, Czech Republic
Marie serves as a Deputy Director for Research and Development of the National Radiation Protection Institute in the Czech Republic. Her original research fields are microdosimetry, radiation biology and biophysics. She leads workpackage whose objective is to communicate, disseminate and exploit the outputs of the project.

WP 7 Coordinator

Tomasz Kalita

NCBR, Poland

WP 8 Coordinator

Christoph Hoeschen

OVGU, Germany, MEENAS representative