Calls Travel grants for early career radiation protection professionals

Travel grants for early career radiation protection professionals

General description
The European Partnership PIANOFORTE, funded by HE EURATOM programme, offers 20,000 € per year for travel awards to junior radiation protection professionals. Support can be given for participation in a conference, in a course or for an exchange visit to a radiation protection facility.

Who is eligible?
Early career radiation protection professionals (e.g. first responders, occupational health physicians, radiation protection officers and experts, medical physics experts, regulators and industry professionals) who are max 7 years after starting their career. At the time of the trip, an eligible person must be affiliated to an institution within one of the 27 European Union member states or Ukraine.

When should you apply?
Applications may be submitted at any time. However, there are 4 application deadlines per year:

After each deadline a maximum sum of 5000€ will be paid out to the top applicants. The maximal level of support per applicant is 1000€.

The support is only granted:

How to apply:
  1. Fill the application form (download here).
  2. Send additional documents neccessary for correct evaluation of your application. The documents needed are:

The application form and all documents should be sent to Anne von Euler at

Evaluation procedure
The applications will be evaluated by the Education and Training Committee (ETC) consisting of the members of task 4.3. The decision about support will be made within 15 days after the nearest application deadline. The time of application in relation to the deadline has no influence on the evaluation outcome.

The following evaluation criteria and ranking will be applied:

Successful applicants will be required to submit a report on their visit of their activity on completion of the travel. Also, they are encouraged to share their experience with the PIANOFORTE community, e.g. on PIANOFORTE website and available social media channels. All publications resulting from the mobility activities shall acknowledge the PIANOFORTE Mobility Programme by using the following sentence:
This work has been partially supported by the PIANOFORTE project that has received funding from the H2020-EURATOM research and innovation program under the 101061037 grant agreement.

Successful applicants will be reimbursed after completion of the activity and after submission of proofs of expenses.

Considering the European Green Deal
When planning the travel please consider the possibility of reducing the carbon footprint. Actions to be considered include preferential choice of train transportation and minimizing printing of any paper material.

Travel grants awarded in 2023

NameUniversity / InstituteAim of applicationActivity Report
Pieter De MeutterSCK CEN, BelgiumConference participation - SFRPReport (PDF)
Tamare LusaHospital Clínico Universitario of Valencia, SpainAttendance to a congress - ESTROReport (PDF)
Francisco Mosquera-Pena SánchezUniversity Hospital Vigo, SpainParticipation in an ESMPE courseReport (PDF)
Ioannis StathopoulosUniversity of Athens, GreeceConference attendance - ECRReport (PDF)
Francisco San MiguelHospital Central de la Defensa, SpainParticipation in an ESMPE courseReport (PDF)
Tönjes KoschineBundesamt für Strahlenschutz, GermanyParticipation in AMS Tech Exchange MeetingReport (PDF)
Eleftherios TzanisUniversity of Crete, GreeceParticipation in an ESMPE courseReport (PDF)
Birgit SeilerBfS, GermanyParticipation at the 11th AMS Technical Exchange Meeting in Bern, SwitzerlandReport (PDF)
Giorgia StendardoItalian National Institute of Health (ISS), ItalyExchange visit to a radiation protection facilityReport (PDF)
Mercedes Riveira MartínGalicia Sur Health Research Institute (IISGS), SpainAttendance to the EFOMP School: Artificial Intelligence in Medical Physics (in-person part, Prague)Report (PDF)
Sotiria TriantopoulouInstitute of Nuclear & Radiological Sciences & Technology, Energy & Safety (INRASTES)Participation in the BIODORA Training CourseReport (PDF)
Vineta VanagaRiga East Clinical University Hospital Oncology Centre of LatviaExperience exchange visitReport (PDF)

Travel grants awarded in 2024

NameUniversity / InstituteAim of applicationActivity Report
Eszter GulacsiAstro SpArch, ItalyIrradiation experiments, testing radiation shieldingsReport (PDF)
Felix LehnerPhysikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, GermanyPhysikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, GermanyExchange visit to a radiation protection facilityReport (PDF)
Maikol Salas RamirezUniversity Hospital Würzburg, GermanyParticipation in the 5th Geant4 International User Conference in Osaka, JapanReport (PDF)
Paula Antonija BačaniInstitute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, CroatiaTraining course in Krakow, PolandReport (PDF)
Agata GrygierCentral Mining Institute (GIG), Katowice, PolandParticipation in 3rd ENA Workshop, Rome, ItalyReport (PDF)
Anna MrozikInstitute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, PolandAttending a conference, LUMDETR 2024, Riga, LatviaReport (PDF)
Belikse RamljakLund University, SwedenParticipation in TIMER PIANOFORTE training course in Berlin, GermanyReport (PDF)
Dana Sarah LüdemannPDC-ARGOS ApS & Technical Univeristy (DTU), DenmarkAttending HARMO22 conference in Pärnu, EstoniaReport (PDF)
Francesca LuoniCERNParticipation to the IRPA 16 Young Professional Award 2024, to present my PhD work,
performed at the GSI and Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
Report (PDF)
Francisco Mosquera-Pena SánchezHospital do Meixoeiro, Vigo-Pontevedra, SpainAttend ESMPE, Milan, Italy: Quantitative MRI: basic principles, optimization, quality assuranceReport (PDF)
Gonçalo Machado RibeiroInstituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, PortugalAttend the 5th European Congress of Medical Physics, ECMP 2024, Munich, GermanyReport (PDF)
Gueorgui GueorguievNational Center of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection, BulgariaParticipate in AAPM conference in Los Angeles, USA 
Jad AbuhamedTampere University, FinlandCoorganizing ECRad event in Munich, Germany 
Jesús García OvejeroHospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, SpainAttend the 5th European Congress of Medical Physics, ECMP 2024, Munich, Germany 
Matěj GrapaSURO, Czech RepublicParticipation in RadoNorm training course in Katowice, Poland 
Rita Alexandra Candeias BeloWelding and Quality Institute (ISQ), Lisbon, PortugalAttending PIANOFORTE training course TIMER in Berlin, Germany