News PIANOFORTE Infrastructures Workshop

PIANOFORTE Infrastructures Workshop

We are delighted to invite you to register for the PIANOFORTE Infrastructures Workshop, which will take place on site only at INFN-LNS in Catania on Monday the 29th (full day) and Tuesday 30th (half day) January 2024.

Registration is available here: This will be our opportunity to hear from our infrastructure partners regarding current best practice and requirements, the areas in which we can support our infrastructures within PIANOFORTE.  Presentations from selected infrastructures will be followed by focused working group sessions considering the WP 5 areas of interest including the definition of critical infrastructures; quality assurance, standardisation and harmonisation in FAIR principles and practices, intercomparisons and training. There will also be an opportunity to see the INFN facilities. 

Please note that places are limited, and the organising committee reserve the right to select attendees to ensure a balance in terms of representation across the different contributors to PIANOFORTE as a whole and the wider community. 

The full workshop agenda will shortly be available on the registration platform. If needed, please contact