News PIANOFORTE OPEN CALL 2024 launches this April

PIANOFORTE OPEN CALL 2024 launches this April

2nd Call publication: 23 April 2024
2nd Call Pianoforte InfoDay (videoconference): 14 May 2024 (14:00-15:30)
Deadline for proposal submission: 23 July 2024

Pianoforte topics for Call 2:

  1. A1-Developing a knowledge base for a beter understanding of disease pathogenesis of ionising radiation-induced cancer to improve risk assessment

  2. G2-Ensure readiness and scientific knowledge to support Environmental Impact Assessment and emergency preparedness and response for novel nuclear technologies

  3. E3-Development of techniques and methods to go beyond effective dose in case of internal exposure following a nuclear or radiological emergency

  4. D3-Implementation of new and optimized radiation therapy approaches for beter targeting to protect healthy tissues better against detrimental effects of incising radiation.