News Pianoforte Call 2023: Selected projects presentation

Pianoforte Call 2023: Selected projects presentation

The projects chosen for funding during Pianoforte's 1st open call were presented during a meeting on December 6th, 2023, in Budapest (Hungary).

As a reminder, 3 main research topics were selected for the PIANOFORTE Partnership open call 2023:

24 research project proposals were received, representing more than 100 different organizations. After a thorough evaluation process by a review panel of 16 international experts, the winning projects were approved by the Executive Board and the General Assembly of PIANOFORTE on December 6th, 2023.

The 9 projects selected for funding are:


For more information about each project, download the presentations of the meeting (PDF file).

As said by Jean-Christophe Gariel (IRSN), Project Coordinator of the PIANOFORTE Partnership, this presentation meeting was a very interesting and productive session with rich scientific exchanges between the projects and the room, to be continued in the months to come.

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Participants of the General Assembly of PIANOFORTE. ©HUN-REN Centre for Energy Research. 12/2023.